For Tree Surgery In Worcestershire Look No Further!


Our fully qualified and insured team can perform a range of tree surgery services such as:


Felling and Dismantling

The removal of trees by felling or utilising rigging techniques such as lowering ropes, pulley systems, pulling ropes etc.



Heavy pruning designed to allow for regular maintenance of larger trees which may be too sizeable for their location, or may have structural or infection problems.


Crown Reduction, Cleaning, Thinning and Raising

The management of the size and shape, health and safety of the crown. The aim is to carry out remedial works on the tree with as little adverse effect to the look and heath of the tree.

Formative Pruning and Fruit Tree Pruning

A wide variety of pruning to improve the long-term health of the tree, maintain

manageable size or remove infected or reverted branch structure.


Deadwood Removal

The removal of deadwood from the crown, important in areas where pedestrian traffic under the tree is expected, which may include public footpaths, neighbouring gardens, factory, office and residential grounds etc.


Cabling and Bracing

Support of the main structure of a tree, or the limiting of excess movement under wind-loading.


Stump Grinding

The removal of stumps to a depth of 10-14 inches. This removes the body of the root plate in many cases.


Hedge Maintenance and Reduction

Our experienced team offer all aspects of hedge cutting, from complete removal and height reduction to light trimming/pruning and reshaping.






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