Things To Do In The Garden In July


You may have time off this month with the Summer School Holidays on the horizon so here are a few things to keep you busy in the garden and why not get the children to help out too?!

In The Flower Garden

– Cut back growth in hanging baskets to encourage new flowers and foliage, also to revive the display. Be sure to feed your baskets well after doing this.
– Prune Wisteria now. Just remove the whippy shoots from the main branch to about 20cm from their base or about 5 leaves from the main stem.
– Cut back faded perennial plants.
– Continue to tie in and train new growth on climbing plants.
– Cut back hardy Geraniums and Delphiniums after the first set of flowers to encourage new growth and future blooms.
– As your Penstemon flowers fade, cut them back to just above a bud to encourage them to re flower.
– Dead head your Roses to keep them looking tidy. Leave the flowers in place if your Rose produces seed pods.
– Dead head bedding plants to stop them self-seeding and to encourage further flowering.
– Dead head Sweet Peas regularly to keep them blooming and water daily if weather is dry.
– Thin out fruits on your fruit trees to produce good sized crops.
– Feed lemons and other citrus fruit trees throughout the summer with a special citrus fertiliser.
– Protect any developing fruits from birds and squirrels by placing netting around the plants.
– Peg down runners on your Strawberry plants to create more plants for next year. If you do not require more plants simply remove the runners completely.
– Raspberries are shallow rooted so make sure to water them well in hot weather.

Looking After Your Lawn

– Now is your last chance to feed your lawn with fertiliser to encourage a healthy green growth.
– Water your lawn well during hot weather particularly new seeded or turfed lawns.
– If experiencing a prolonged spell of hot weather, set your mower blades higher to reduce the stress on the lawn.
– Apply lawn weed killer to any problem areas.
– Recut lawn edges if needed or install edging to make it easier for future maintenance.

Other Jobs/Tips For The Garden

– Water plants at the base rather than the foliage so that the water is directed straight to the roots.
– Turn the contents of your compost bins every month to keep it well aerated.
– Keep bird baths topped up in warm weather.