Rosie’s Firewood & Ground Maintenance – Our Team


Rosie's Firewood & Ground Maintenance - Our TeamRosanne

Rosanne is the owner of Rosie’s Ground Maintenance Ltd, she is a fantastic business woman, professional, hardworking and fair. Rosanne puts her all into the company to ensure staff and clients are happy. Her bubbly, friendly personality is a hit with the clients, meaning she builds friendships as well as business.

Her passion is networking, she thrives on being in new situations meeting potential customers and promoting Rosie’s which she is very proud of.

Rosie's Firewood & Ground Maintenance - Our TeamJamie

Jamie is a qualified tree surgeon, and comes from a farming background, he has also worked with civil engineering companies, providing him with the knowledge and experience to project manage with great results.

Jamie thoroughly enjoys processing and delivering our great quality firewood and getting to know our customers.

Foxy is the name of his terrier that follows him everywhere she’s allowed to go!


Rosie's Firewood & Ground Maintenance - Our TeamWill

Will is not only a fully qualified tree surgeon, but he also has an extended diploma in Arboriculture and Forestry. As a result, his knowledge is outstanding in many areas such as; climbing, safety protocols, horticulture, and much more…

Will has worked alongside experienced landscapers for many years and has led teams to produce extremely good results on numerous ground maintenance projects.

Arby (short for arboriculture) is the name of this young puppy, he is the son of George – one of Rosanne’s beloved dogs.


Rosie's Firewood & Ground Maintenance - Our TeamChris

Chris is the newest member of our team and is also Jamie’s cousin. Chris has worked in the construction industry for many years and therefore has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hard landscaping projects.


Rosie's Firewood & Ground Maintenance - Our TeamDanni

Danni works alongside Rosanne in the office and helps with the day to day running of the business. She is also a full time student at university and is using this to help with various project management and business development activities. 

Danni also comes from a rural background so she loves to help out in the yard when possible.





If you would like to find out which members of our team are likely to be delivering your required services please do not hesitate to get in touch, our details can be found on the contact us page.