Jobs To Do In The Garden In December

Jobs To Do In The Garden In December

Here is a list of the top 10 jobs to do in the garden in December now Winter is well underway!

As we approach the shortest day of the year in December you will need work to keep you warm outside, such as digging and tree pruning. Check your winter protection and if you have a greenhouse make sure the heater is working. Hopefully there are not too many jobs left to do this year so you will have time for some fireside garden planning.


Top 10 jobs this month

  1. Check your winter protection structures are still securely in place.
  2. Check that greenhouse heaters are working.
  3. Insulate outdoor taps and prevent ponds from freezing.
  4. Prune open-grown apple and pair trees (but not those trained against walls).
  5. Prune acers, birches and vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding.
  6. Harvest leeks, parsnips, winter cabbage, sprouts and remaining root crops.
  7. Deciduous trees and shrubs can still be planted and transplanted.
  8. Take hardwood cuttings.
  9. Keep mice away from stored produce.
  10. Reduce watering of houseplants.

December Garden

If you would like any help with any of these jobs whether that’s because you are no longer able to or you just don’t fancy braving the cold please don’t hesitate to get in touch either through:

or by Phone: 01299 250 380.

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